The Stone At The Tomb/Sepulchre of Jesus Christ


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The Stone At The Tomb/Sepulchre of Jesus Christ

The Stone @ The Tomb By:
Prophet Onifade T. Successola Gold

Matthew 28:1-10, Mark 6:1-10, Luke 24:1-12…

Its Another Time of The Year As We Do Celebrate The Death & Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ Called Easter…
About Yesterday I Was Praying on What The Lord Has for His People @s Word For The Sunday Service… Here Came The Word…The Stone @ The Tomb…

Whats Is A Stone?
In A Simple Definition Its A Components of Sands that forms a stone… Another Refer to it as
a hard solid non-metallic mineral matter of which rock is made, especially as a building material.

Whats Is A Tomb/ Sepulchre?
A Tomb Is A Final Resting Place of anybody that is Dead…Its could also be referred to has the digged earth for Eternal Rest!

The Death of Jesus Christ was Known by Him and A surprise to every man in his time that how could he die been the son of God as he claimed, Glory be to God the prophecy came to pass giving us as Christians the enablement as Children of God, forgiven our sins and restored us back to Our Father God as Sons & Daughters of His Kingdom…

Our Lord Jesus Gave up his Spirit In the Hands of His Father (God) Luke 23:46, It was about the Sixth hour of the day the bible recorded events that were happening immediately, Darkeness Covered the World until the Ninth hour,the temple veil was rended into two gving access to the Hollies of Hollies for All.
His Body was Collected By Joseph the Arimathaea After he has pleaded with Pilate for the body of Jesus, He was lay in the Sepulchre Were no man was laid before except Jesus. The Bible Said, A STONE was Rolled Unto The Door of the Sepulchre Mark 15:46, As to Secure his body from been stolen away by His Disciple so that He wont Raise as He as Said… I want to Prophecy into the lives of somebody reading this Message with a believing Amen, Every demonic Stone Rolled at the Door of Your Break Through Scatter By Fire In Jesus Name…

What Is The Spiritual & Physical Meaning of The Stone Rolled @ The Door of The Sepulchre/ Tomb of Jesus Chirst?

1. Hindrance
2. Difficulties
3. Setback
4. Hardship
5. Loneliness
6. Failure
7. Barriers
8. Lack of Promotion
9. No Moving forward
10. No Access etc
It Could Mean Several Other Things That are unpleasant in life
The Big Stone was a big Problem to The Woman Who were coming to Check, Perfume & Anoint Jesus, Mark 16:1 Luke 23:56 They Were Worried and troubled In There Heart Who Will Roll Away The stone for Them Mark 16:3

There was no access to the Sepulchre Either from The Inside or Outside They Both Access on Either sides were shut, By the Shout of an Amen from Your Mouth I Prophecy, You will From Now Gain Access to Every Good Doors Your Heart Desires In Jesus Name…

The Stone was Loneliness for Whosoever is Inside as no one can come him, Praying for Every singles believing God for a Partner You Are Divinely Connected today.

This Stone Represents Failure as The Woman knowning fully well that they cannot Roll it Way, I Speak as a born Prophet Into Your Life Anything Representing Failure In your marriage, job, academics, health, finances etc they are cut-off by Fire…
I believe God In You that You have been inspired and connected already to this prophetic knowledge… here is you need to note…

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Fact About The Stone @ the Sepulchre/ Tomb of Jesus…

Stone Is Part of Gods Creation Gen 1:9
Stone Is The Work of the 3rd Day of God Gen 1:10

From Sand Man was Formed and From Sand Stones either big or small were formed, God Made Man With It, And There Shall Man Also Return… Ecc 12:7 and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.

What To Do About This Big Stone…

We have Seen In Different Ways What This Stone Can Be What it has Caused and still causing to Many lives and People Hence We Need to Pray 2 God for An ANGEL

The Says In Matthew 28:2
And Behold, there was a great earthquake: for an angel of the lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back,away,remove the stone from door , and sat on it…
If You Can Say this Amen, The Angel of God Your Life and Destiny Needs to Be favoured, I Prophecy You Are Connected to HIM Now In The Name of Jesus…

Question You Need to Answer…
Haven Seen All That The Stone @ The Tomb of Jesus Could Represent
it most expedient that we also ask, evaluate our lives and cross check what we also Represent in life…

Brethren In The Lord
1. Hope You are not A big stone to The Work & Progess of the Gospel in Your locality and environment?
2. Hope the loneliness of Jesus Christ of In The tomb for 3day Means Alot of you?
3. hope you are not an hindrance to the success, promotion, goodness & blessing for fellow brothers and sister around You?
If all this Question and Many more in ur heart bore a big hole of quilt…Repent Go back to God Reconnect by The Cross & Ask for His Mercy…

Appreciate God for dying for You, ask for His Mercy, Request that His Presence Comes Down In Place you are Then Start praying this Prayer Points…

1. Father Roll away by fire every demonic stone blocking me access to Success, favour and promotion.
2. My Father my father send ur Angel to roll away every ancestrial Stone creating failure in my life.
3. Every Evil stone preventing my helpers to see me break by thunder.
4. Oh you Angel of sit on all spiritual stones casuing my pains, loneliness, fear, hindrance, lack of access etc let it break.
5. God Send Your Angel of power to Put to shame every Family alter converted to big stone blocking my marriage, Job, academics, Prosperity, Admission, Visa, Happiness, Child bearing, Fruitfulness, Speed, Helpers…
6. My Father, My Father Your Death and Resurrection in my life most not be in vain, I most make Heaven Give me Massive Grace In Jesus Name…

You Have been Introduced To Thia Jesus Christ again will you let him in or still have the door of your shut against him…
Think about this, Everything Representing Any Big Stone In your Life After This Amen In your Mouth They will melt down Instantly In Jesus Name…Amen!

If This Was A Blessing To You Send It To Another Friend Let Jesus Be Forever Praised…

God Bless You…
Prophet Onifade Successola Gold
For Prayer & Counselling Call: 08039739631

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