Elevation Worship – Authority Lyrics


Elevation Worship - Authority

Elevation Worship – Authority Lyrics

Creation knows the voice
That spoke into the void
The breath that brought the dust to life
And sang the stars to form
The darkness fears the voice
That drove it back before
And though the night is long
I know Your light
Will drive it back once more
One word from You
Things change on Your authority
Your word it’s true
Things change on you authority
My fight is not my own
It’s end is in Your hands
I worship You because I know all things
Must bow to Your command
Will heaven not prevail
And strongholds not be moved
Will spirits not be silenced
And cower at His rule
For if my God is for me
Then what have I to fear
And I will not deny Him
The glory that is His
Heaven will prevail
And strongholds will be moved
Spirits will be…


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